12 Cute Garden Ideas and Garden Decorations

12 Cute Garden Ideas and Garden Decorations 11

12 Cute Garden Ideas and Garden Decorations 11

So spring is finally here and you are ready to start gardening but winter has left you in a bit of a gloomy mood. You walk into your garden and everything just seems a bit dull. Here are a few ways to liven up your garden and welcome spring.

1 – Garden Markers

Planting  something new can get confusing when you don’t remember where what was planted. This is a great idea to help you keep track of what you planted and also very cute.

2 – painted golf balls

Do you like lady bugs?  Do they make you smile? Here is a fancy way to make them just for your garden and all you need to do is paint some golf balls.

3 – Gnome door

If you have a gnome collection in your garden, why not make them a few doors to make them feel at home.

4 – stone footprints

This is a cute addition to your garden, perhaps for the new baby in the family or just to signify that it is a space for family.

5 – M M’s stones

Want to have fun with the kids in the garden, paint little stones into m&m’s and hide them around the garden for the kids to find while helping out.

6 – painted recycled cans

Recycling and gardening go well together.  Paint some old cans and plant something in them. You can hang them from the ceiling or wall for a lovely decoration

7 – tire planter

If the kids have outgrown their tire swing, just paint it and plant something in it.

8 – Kids Chia pet

Encourage gardening in kids from a young age by making a special pet for them using empty bottles.

9 –flower boots

We all have a pair of boots we don’t wear anymore, why not turn them into flower bots? It will add a bit of color to your garden.

10- bottle cap garden art

Have a collection of bottle caps lying around? Use them to decorate your garden.

11 –  Wheel garden art

The bicycles no longer work, they are about to be sent to the junk yard. Why not use the wheels to decorate your garden.

12- Minion flower pot

Minions are everywhere and you really love them.  Why not use this fun and colorful Minion flower pot idea to add life to your garden this spring. After all, they are very helpful.

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