15 Cool Ways to Hide Things in Plain Sight

10.Hidden printer

10.Hidden printer

There are so many ways to make your home look tidier simply by hiding things in plain sight, things like messy wire cables or routers or even old vent covers. Follow these amazing tutorials to learn how.

Garage door switches under picture frames

This idea lets you hide things in a cool way and it’s extremely convenient

DIY air vent cover

This idea is great if you have big air vents all around your home that you absolutely need to hide

Thermostat amongst wall art

Thermostats can take up an entire space being an awkward thing on the wall. Surround it with wall art and you won’t notice it.

DIY Shelf covers

Use fabric to cover the shelves in your home for a clean unique look.

Disappearing TV chord

This DIY trick hides all those messy cables behind and underneath your tv

Hide your popcorn ceiling with planks

All you need to do is screw the planks into the ceiling and your room is revamped.

Cute dog crate covers

These dog crate covers are a lovely DIY project to make their home more cosy.

Vent cover ribbon display

Hide your ugly air vent by displaying all your medals on a display case over it.

Book organizer decor

Use this beautiful book organizer décor to set up a little storage space while hiding it.

Hidden printer

Hide your printer in a drawer to save up on space and easily pull it out when you need to use it.

Encase your air conditioner

Hide your air conditioner in the make shift shelf because we all know how big, and odd they can look on their own.

Use picture frames

Use picture frames to hide odd bits on the wall. They can be screwed on in a way that swings away from the wall so it’s easy to access the switch.

Shutters to cover old pipes

If you have odd ends and bits sticking out from your wall why not cover them with shutters to help blend it all in and make it look neat and tidy.

Hide your router

Hide your router in this fancy beautiful way with a hard book cover, it won’t interrupt with your connection and it will hide the messy cables as well.

Use pallets

Use to pallets to hide household things you don’t use often like your tv if you don’t really like to watch tv anyway.

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