Crafty DIY Beds Using Platforms

Crafty DIY beds using platforms idea 5

Crafty DIY beds using platforms idea 5

If you have just moved into a new space and need another bed or just a bed in general but your budget doesn’t allow for it to happen why not try make your own. The best part about it is you can pick your own size and type that you want also it can double as storage space because pallets are great at that provide multiple uses at once.

1.A pallet could make a great kids bed that is small and long enough, just the right size for any kids bed.

2.These instructions are easy to follow and you get a bed that you have saved up a lot of money on. This easy DIY project gives you a low rise bed fir for two.

3.Storage space is always needed, maybe you have too many shoes or those thick winter blankets, this idea is for you. A new bed plus storage is always the ultimate goal.

4.This idea is a very modern looking bed that adds an element of mystery because of the dark wood and the green adds a touch of much needed color to spice things up a bit.

5.If you have an old door around why not use it to make a very unique headboard.  Meaning that the door and pallets would all save you money but give you a new bed.

6.This is a great idea for a teen’s room, they will need a lot of storage and a system to help them organize their things, be it art collections or books from school.

7.This easy DIY bed allows storage space that can be divided according to size of certain bigger things that need to be stored out of the way such as a safe or a large memory box.

8.This low rise easy DIY bed is great for a room with ample space and you want to make the bed the center of the room. It will draw the eyes in and is great for people with back problems who need less pressure on their backs from gravity. It is also styled in a Japanese manner as they don’t use beds but mats.

9.Stack up your pallets in this manner and place a comfortable mattress over it to make it safe and extremely comfy to use for when your friends come over to sleep.

10.This child friendly bed is cute and good to help your child get on and off without your help which is essential for child growth.

11.Make a huge king bed with pallets in order to give you all the space you need to kick and dance in your dreams.

12.This bed is amazing for people with small rooms, it allows the maximum storage space and it looks really neat and organized, you can paint over the pallets in multiple colors or add stickers to make it a bit more fun and to show off your amazing personality.

13.This is what the base for a simple pallet bed would look like; you can actually place this outside in your patio or your gazebo.

14.Old mattresses can always be used to make something new. Use pallets to make your base and add a double mattress to give it this lovely effect.

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