Different And Unique Ways to Decorate Bathroom

Different And Unique Ways to Decorate Bathroom 11

Different And Unique Ways to Decorate Bathroom 11

That standing ladder shelf is a becoming addition to your bathroom to help find those towels. You might have one in the garden now—just clean it and bring it in—you might find that growing towels is even easier than daisies or daffodils. In a bathroom with limited floor space an-over-the-door shelf might just could be the trick to keep tip-top tidiness.

An under-the-table or sink woven basket can hold those flowery towels or serve as an airy hamper to keep your dirty clothes from gathering mold till you get around to washing them. Round, wall-mounted-hand-cloth holders are a total must for any bathroom. The best place to hang them is next to the sink or the door—nice and convenient. Those woven baskets come back into the picture, if there is a large counter area with an under belly shelf, it would be good to have several smaller ones for the organization of toiletries. If your sink area often gets soaked then a solid plastic tray under those baskets is almost a necessity. Low on budget, or at a location where complicated redecoration is not wanted or allowed—L-shaped brackets and simple boards might just give the space needed keep those socks off the floor. There we have it. Just a bit of effort and that bathroom will be organized in no time at all.

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